【NEWS】【ENG SUB】野原を浮遊する奇妙な広告をバーバリーが発表。(Burberry releases a strange advertisement in which people float across a field.)


Burberry has released an innovative and bizarre advertisement in which four men and four women are levitated through nature by a magical breeze.


The ad begins with a group of young people traveling through the English countryside. While walking in a field, a magical wind blows and they become weightless, soaring through the air on a dreamlike journey of discovery. Over fields, over forests, over lakes, and over cliffs, the four eventually gather in one place and become one collective entity.

バーバリーによると、この最新の広告 “Open Spaces” はバーバリーの創業者トーマス・バーバリーがかつて「すべてのバーバリーの衣服に内在するのは自由である」と述べた時に言及した「開拓精神」を表現しており、更に、現実とファンタジーの境界を曖昧にした作品となっているそうだ。

According to Burberry, this latest ad, “Open Spaces,” expresses the “pioneering spirit” that Burberry founder Thomas Burberry once referred to when he said, “Inherent in every Burberry garment is freedom. It is said that the work blurs the boundary between reality and fantasy.


The ad has been a big hit on the Internet, and has been viewed millions of times across platforms such as TikTok and YouTube.

この広告を手がけたメガフォースは、今年のカンヌ国際クリエイティビティフェスティバルでゴールドライオンズやシルバーライオンズを含む数々の賞を受賞したバーバリー2020年冬の広告 “Festive” も制作しており、こちらも斬新な作品となっている。

Megaforce, the company that created this ad, also created the Burberry Winter 2020 “Festive” ad, which won numerous awards including Gold and Silver Lions at this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. It is also a very innovative work.

Agency & Production: Riff Raff FilmsCreative Direction: Megaforce

Executive Producer / Owner: Matthew Fone

Producer: Cathy Hood

Production Manager: Laura Duffy

Production Assistants: Laura Heilanen, Michelle Cheung

Choreographer: (LA)HORDE

Casting Director: Kharmel Cochrane Casting           

Stylist: Ana Steiner

DOP:  Justin Brown 

Locations: Carl Fairall, Salt Films 

1st AD: Benji Edwards

Gaffer: Craig Davis

Make-up Artist: Gemma Smith-Edhouse

Hair Stylist: Hiroshi Matshushita

Camera: Panavision 

Stock: Kodak 

Film Processing: Cinelab

Editor: Joe Guest 

Edit House: Final Cut London

Post House: Moving Picture Company

2D Creative Director: Alex Lovejoy

Post Producer: Ryan Hancocks

Colorist: Emiliano Serantoni

Sound Design: Sam Ashwell, 750mph

Tracking Vehicles: Bickers 

Client: Burberry 

Chief Creative Officer: Riccardo Tisci

VP Creative: Rachel Crowther

Senior Art Director: Al Watts

Assistant Art Directors: Louis Gabriel, Harry Brady

Lead Producer: Will Preston-George 

Senior Producer: Asha Joneja

Production Coordinator: Katie Wright 

Production Assistant: Geneva Stalker 

Director of Styling: James Campbell 

Stylist Assistants: Donnika Anderson, Amy Louise Ryall,  Devonute Williams-Dyer

Junior Stylist: Thomas Ramshaw         


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