【NEWS】【ENG SUB】Z世代で注目のファッションデザイナー林陸也が手がけるSUGARHILL×BEAMSの別注アイテムが本日発売((SUGARHILL, produced by the hottest gen z fashion designer, Rikuya Hayashi, and BEAMS collab items are out today. ))

先日「TOKYO FASHION AWARD 2022」を受賞し、勢いに乗る新鋭ブランド「SUGARHILL」と「BEAMS」の別注アイテムが本日より発売開始。BEAMS原宿店のみでの取扱いとなっている。
“SUGARHILL” which recently won the “TOKYO FASHION AWARD 2022” and is riding high on the momentum, and “BEAMS” will start selling special order items from today. They will only be sold at the BEAMS Harajuku store.

「BEAMS Men’s Casual」の2021年秋冬のテーマである”JUST LIKE A VINTAGE”を軸に、全3型のアイテムを制作。
Three items were created based on “JUST LIKE A VINTAGE,” which is the theme for BEAMS Men’s Casual for autumn/winter 2021.

The denim jacket, which is a SUGARHILL standard denim jacket with hard damage processing, overdye, and oil stain.

今回特別に復刻し、オリジナルよりハードなダメージ加工を加えたクラッシュド デニムパンツ。
The crushed denim pants have been specially reprinted with a harder damage finish than the original.

The mohair knit is low-gauge and has a multi-colored border that was chosen from scratch by both parties.

We can’t take our eyes off the future of Rikuya Hayashi, one of the leading fashion designers of Generation Z, and his brand, SUGARHILL.


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