【NEWS】【ENG SUB】世界的注目を浴びるZ 世代アーティストDoulが9th Single “My Mr.Right”をリリース。MVも公開。(Doul, a Japanese artist who is beginning to attract attention from around the world, has released her 9th single “My Mr. Right”. )

Z世代を代表するアーティストのDoulが9作目のシングル”My Mr.Right”をリリース、MVも同時公開された。

Doul, one of the leading artists of Generation Z, has released her ninth single, “My Mr. Right,” and the music video has been released at the same time. Although she is only 18 years old, Doul is one of the artists who have begun to attract attention from around the world for her extraordinary talent in self-producing not only music but also visuals. Her self-taught native-like pronunciation of English, English poetry, different tastes in each song, and sophisticated visuals have become a hot topic, and she has many fans overseas.
We look forward to the future of this world-standard generation Z.


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