【NEWS】【ENG SUB】「17LIVE 」新ブランドムービー「人生は、いつもライブだ。」を公開。世界的フリースタイルバスケットボーラーのKengoら出演。CM楽曲にWez Atlasが参加。(Live streaming app “17LIVE” has released a new brand movie. World famous freestyle basketball player Kengo and others appear in the movie, and rapper Wez Atlas participates in the commercial music.)

本CMではフリースタイルバスケットボーラーのKengo、ダンサーのEricamai Murata、モデルのAmity Miyabiなどが起用されている。またCM楽曲には注目のZ世代ラッパーのWez Atlasが参加した。

The live distribution application “17LIVE” has released a new brand movie “Life is always live” along with the unification of the global service name of the “17LIVE” live distribution platform announced on September 10 (Fri.), 2021. and started airing TV commercials nationwide.
The new brand movie is titled “There is no script. You can’t predict it. It can only happen once. The new brand movie expresses the unique enjoyment of live streaming. It also depicts how people around the world are enjoying themselves.

The freestyle basketball player Kengo, dancer Ericamai Murata, and model Amity Miyabi are featured in this commercial. Also, Wez Atlas, a popular Z generation rapper, has joined the music in the commercial.

C.U.Tによるフリースタイルバスケットボーラー Kengo へのインタビューはこちら。/ Interview with Kengo (Freestyle Basketballer)


The new mission of “17LIVE” is “to enrich the connections between people through “live” technology. The estimated number of users of “17LIVE” is over 50 million, and it has been expanding its business mainly in Japan, Taiwan and China. The estimated number of users of “17LIVE” is over 50 million, and it is gaining users mainly in Japan, Taiwan, and China. It is expanding its scale to the U.S. and other countries, and is expected to become a platform that expands the possibilities for all kinds of expressive people.

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