【NEWS】【ENG SUB】HIPHOPカルチャーをテーマにしたストリートブランド APPLEBUMが “NAS”とのカプセルコレクションをリリース。11/3-11/14の期間限定で、渋谷PARCOにて『NAS×APPLEBUM pop up store』もオープン。(HIPHOP-themed street brand APPLEBUM has released a capsule collection with “NAS”, and will open a “NAS x APPLEBUM pop up store” at Shibuya PARCO from November 3 to November 14.)


Since its launch in 2005, APPLEBUM has been advocating the creation of elegant clothing that can be worn by adults. Since its launch in 2005, the brand has been advocating the creation of elegant clothing that can be worn by adults. The graphics incorporating Applebum’s unique sampling sources not only look cool, but also serve as a device to stimulate maniacal sensibilities. The cleverness of their designs has been highly acclaimed not only in Japan but also in N.Y., PARIS, LONDON, and other parts of the world.

そんな同ブランドが11/3(水)、HIPHOPカルチャーにおけるレジェンドラッパー “NAS” とコラボレーションしたカプセルコレクションをリリース。またコラボレーションを記念して『NAS×APPLEBUM pop up store』が11/3-11/14の期間限定で渋谷PARCO3階にてオープンした。

On 11/3 (Wed), the brand released a capsule collection in collaboration with NAS, a legendary rapper in HipHop culture. To celebrate the collaboration, the “NAS x APPLEBUM pop up store” opened on the 3rd floor of PARCO in Shibuya from November 3 to November 14.

以下、APPLEBUM オフィシャルサイトより。

The following is from APPLEBUM’s official website.



岡山の一流職人の手によって再構築されたM-65 ジャケット・つば付きニットCAP をはじめ、鮮やかな光沢感が印象的なベロアのセットアップ、アルバムジャケットを全面にプリントしたカットソーなどAPPLEBUM 流にアップデートして表現したコラボコレクションです。

そして、NAS の名曲『The World Is Yours』を書道家『万美』がカタカナで書き下ろした作品を、全面に落とし込んだBE@BRICK(1000%・400%・100%)も発売します。

さらにKANGOL HAT 、NEW ERA CAP との協業アイテム類も展開しバラエティ豊富なラインナップとなっています。

今回のコラボレーションを記念して、渋谷PARCO3階 にて11月3日(水祝)~ 11月14日(日)の期間に『NAS×APPLEBUM pop up store』をオープンします。

On November 3, 2021 (Wed.), Applebum will release a capsule collection with hip-hop culture legend “NAS”.
By collaborating with a legend of hip-hop culture, APPLEBUM, now in its 16th year, revisits this culture, which has been the theme of the company since its inception, to rediscover and reinterpret itself.
The collaboration collection includes an M-65 jacket and a brimmed knit CAP reconstructed by top-notch craftsmen in Okayama, a velour set-up with an impressive vivid luster, and a cut-and-sew with an album jacket printed all over it, all updated and expressed in the style of Applebum.
In addition, BE@BRICK (1000%, 400%, 100%), which features the famous NAS song “The World Is Yours” written in katakana by calligrapher Manmi, will also be released.
In addition, KANGOL HAT, NEW ERA CAP and other collaborative items will also be available, offering a rich and varied lineup.
To commemorate this collaboration, “NAS x APPLEBUM pop up store” will be opened on the 3rd floor of Shibuya PARCO from November 3rd (Wed.) to November 14th (Sun.).

pop up store @渋谷PARCO3階 

日時:2021年11月3日(水祝) 〜 11月14日(日)
住所:東京都渋谷区宇田川町15-1 渋谷PARCO3階


商品ラインナップ、詳細はAPPLEBUM オフィシャルサイト https://applebum.jp/ より。

For more information on the product lineup, please visit the official APPLEBUM website at https://applebum.jp/.
This brand is highly regarded by street culture lovers not only in Japan, but all over the world, and we can’t take our eyes off of them.


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