【NEWS】【ENG SUB】milet × Aimer × 幾田りらのコラボ曲「おもかげ」がリリース。プロデュースにVaundy。「THE FIRST TAKE」も公開。(The collaboration song “Omokage” by milet, Aimer and Rira Ikuta is released. Produced by Vaundy, “THE FIRST TAKE” is also released.)

milet × Aimer ×幾田りらによるコラボレーションが実現。本日12月17日(金)にリリースされ、各ストリーミングサービスでの配信が開始された。

A collaboration between milet, Aimer, and Rira Ikuta has been realized. The song was released today, December 17 (Fri), and is now available on various streaming services.


The three of us were featured in a commercial for SONY’s completely wireless earphones, WF-1000XM4, and a part of the song was used in the commercial, which became a hot topic.


The song, produced by Vaundy, is an up-tempo song about the love that is all around us. Although the three singers are of different types, they do not overwhelm each other’s individuality, but rather show off their respective strengths to the fullest, and when the voices of the three singers combine in the chorus, they create a powerful yet pleasant sound.

また、さまざまなアーティストの一発撮りのパフォーマンスを収録し、配信している人気YouTubeチャンネル「THE FIRST TAKE」での配信も決定しており、本日22時にプレミア公開となる。実力派シンガー3人によるオリジナルとは違った一発撮りならではのパフォーマンスも見逃せない。

It will also be distributed on the popular YouTube channel “THE FIRST TAKE”, which records and distributes one-shot performances by various artists, and will premiere today at 10pm. You won’t want to miss the unique one-shot performances by these three talented singers, which are different from the original.


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