【NEWS】【ENG SUB】Vaundyが新曲『泣き地蔵』をMVと同時にリリース。Z世代映像クリエイターMIZUNO CABBAGEが最新技術を用いて表現したMVの裏側を映したメイキングビデオも公開中。Vaundy has released a new song “Naki Jizo” along with a music video and a making-of video showing the behind-the-scenes of the music video, which was created by Z generation video creator MIZUNO CABBAGE using the latest technology.


Vaundy released their sixth single of the year 2021, “Crying Jizo”, on the 19th. At the same time, the music video was released on his YouTube page and has already surpassed 600,000 views within a day of its release.

MVの監督を務めたのは、Vaundyと同じZ世代の映像クリエイター・MIZUNO CABBAGE。「東京フラッシュ」「life hack」に続いて、3作目のタッグとなる。今作では、高精細LEDディスプレイを用いたバーチャルプロダクション技術「インカメラVFX」を採用。最新のテクノロジーによって複雑かつ繊細な世界観を表現している。キャストは俳優の笠松将が務めた。

The music video was directed by MIZUNO CABBAGE, a visual creator from the same generation as Vaundy, and this is their third collaboration following “Tokyo Flash” and “life hack”. This film uses “in-camera VFX,” a virtual production technology that uses high-definition LED displays. The latest technology is used to express a complex and delicate world view. The cast includes actor Sho Kasamatsu.

人の不幸を娯楽コンテンツとして見ていませんか?という人々への警告をテーマにMVを制作しました。昨今SNSで人の不幸や災難を目にする機会が増えました。 しかしそれを簡単に流し見したり、コンテンツとして消費してしまうことがあるように思います。自分でも無意識でそういう見方をしてしまうことがあります。 そんな自分や人々に対する警告です。あえて抽象的な表現にしているので、MVを見ている方々に考察してもらい、色んな想いを感じ取ってもらえると嬉しいです。(YouTube説明欄より)

Director : MIZUNO CABBAGE Comment
The theme of this music video is to warn people that they should not look at people’s misfortune as entertainment content. The theme of this music video is to warn people that they should not look at human misfortune as entertainment content. Nowadays, we have more and more opportunities to see people’s misfortunes and disasters on social networking sites. However, it seems that we tend to easily ignore them or consume them as content. I sometimes unconsciously look at things that way. This is a warning to myself and others like me. I dare to express myself in an abstract way, so I hope that people who watch the music video will consider it and feel various thoughts. (From YouTube description)

また、広告映像制作を行う映像プロダクション AOI Pro. のYouTubeチャンネルにて今作のメイキングビデオも公開された。各分野のスタッフによるインタビュー映像が記録されており、最新のテクノロジーがどのように今作に用いられたかを知ることができる。こちらも必見だ。

In addition, a making-of video for the film has been released on the YouTube channel of AOI Pro. The video contains interviews with staff members from various fields, and you can learn how the latest technology was used in this work. This is also a must-see.

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