【NEWS】GQ JAPANによる新シリーズ『THE MOMENT』が公開。第一回はZ世代を代表する沖縄出身ラッパーOZworldが登場。 A new series “THE MOMENT” by GQ JAPAN has been released. The first video features OZworld, a rapper from Okinawa who represents Japan’s Z generation.

GQ JAPANによる新シリーズ『THE MOMENT』が公開。

A new series “THE MOMENT” by GQ JAPAN has been released. This series is based on the concept of “visualizing the moment when a song is born from an artist’s imagination and its world through music videos”, and is an intimate video based on interviews.
This first video focuses on OZworld, an Okinawan rapper who represents the Z generation in Japan. He talks about his songwriting process, roots and backbone. At the end of the video, you can watch the music video for his latest release “OKUMAN”.


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